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Address: Rua Pedras Agudas Nº270

Rua Pedras Agudas Nº270

4650-372, Revinhade, Felgueiras

Porto, Portugal

VAT number: 513129057

Phone: +351 255 110 379

E-mail: marketing@hugomanuelshoes.com or geral@hugomanuelshoes.com

These conditions are intended to define the general conditions of sale, established between Hupa Shoes and the user, since the act of ordering to the various services presented by the delivery of Hupa Shoes such as payment methods and conditions of delivery of goods.

These conditions regulate all the necessary steps to make the order and ensure the follow-up of this transaction between the contracting parties.

The customer can place his order "online", on the online platform, by phone, email or mail.

To finalize your order you must provide personal information, such as your user number (which is personal) or your name, address, etc.

To do this you must fill in all the required fields.

By placing your order, the user expresses his/her full and complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, the prices and the description of the products contemplated in this transaction. These general conditions of sale will be defined as unique between two parties.

Any dispute on this last point will be resolved through an exchange of information and guarantees mentioned below.

In case of unavailability of the product, Hugo Manuel undertakes to inform the user and to refund him the amounts he may have paid within 15 days from the date of knowledge of such unavailability.

- Home delivery

If you don't provide what you indicate, it is necessary to make a contact or it is provided to the post office as which should be done the pick up of your order.

- Special shipping of large items

The bulky items, due to its and/or weight, have the obligation to be delivered at home (applicable only to Continental Territory). In case your telephone/mobile number is part of your data, a transporter will contact you to arrange the most convenient delivery details and time.

IMPORTANT : Home delivery cannot be made to P.O. boxes.

- At any other address

To do so, simply enter the desired address in the corresponding fields of the "online" order form.

The user benefits, of a period of 15 days from the data of the reception of the order to return the articles if they do not correspond totally to his expectations. If lack of conformity, the user can have the articles, being able to replace by the resolution of the, in the terms allowed.

To follow the status of your order, you can do it directly "online" in "Status of my Order" or call the Support Service: +351 255 110 379 from Monday to Friday from 8h to 18h and Saturdays from 10h to 13h. (These times are subject to change).

The prices must be understood in euros, with taxes and fees included. The prices shown take into account the VAT applicable on the day of the order. Any change in the type of VAT applicable on the day of the order. The variation of the applicable VAT type will be reflected in the product prices. After this data, prices may be modified at any time.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Hupa Shoes eliminates any liability for any errors posted on the Site. In the processing of the order if there is error in prices due to technical anomalies the customer will be contacted and may accept or cancel the order, ie if the price of the product shown is actually lower, the difference is returned, if the price is higher the customer can accept or cancel.

All items can be exchanged or refunded, except those that have a statement to the contrary.

The exchange or refund request must be replaced within 15 days after the receipt data.

In case of exchange, if the new order has a higher cost, the user will have to pay the difference by adding the remaining payment to the exchange request or by doing it when picking up the new order.

In the case of a request for reimbursement for an article purchased with a reduced price, due to a special offer, Hupa Shoes will reimburse the amount actually paid by the customer and not its entirety.

In all cases, all requests for exchange or refund must be satisfied by mail to Hupa Shoes, Rua Pedras Agudas Nº270, 4650-372, Revinhade, Felgueiras, Porto, Portugal.

All items benefit from a contractual warranty, without prejudice to the legal guarantee.

The legal warranty applies to failures of conformity arising from packaging, assembly instructions or installation (of these executed in compliance with the assembly instructions).

For all stages of access to the Site, from the ordering process through to the subsequent service(s), Hugo Manuel has only a media obligation. The company excludes all warranty and responsibility for the inconveniences or use inherent to the use of the service network, an intrusion to a particular computer virus, or any case of force, as well as for the jurisprudence of the courts, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

The items disclosed are described and presented on the Site with maximum feasibility. If, despite our best efforts, errors occur on the Site or in the catalogs, Hugo Manuel will not be held responsible. Except in case of guarantee, any running transaction between Hugo Manuel and its users, not contested within a period of 2 months, shall not give rise to any claim.

The customers' data are treated by computer, for the purpose of corresponding to their orders data, designated administrative support, and statistical purposes. Individual personal data may be communicated to third parties of recognized identity for marketing purposes. The holder is guaranteed the right to access, rectify, name or delete his data, for such personal contact, surname, access address and customer no:

-E-mail: marketing@hugomanuelshoes.com


Hupa Shoes

Rua Pedras Agudas Nº270

4650-372, Revinhade, Felgueiras

Porto, Portugal

-Phone: +351 255 110 379

The user authorizes Hupa Shoes to treat in a way to respect the personal data provided, including the use of cookies. You can access and modify your data at any time in "My Client Account".

Nevertheless, Hupa Shoes proceeds to the collection and processing of data security and that prevents their loss or manipulation, using as the most improved techniques for this purpose, we inform you that a collection in open network allows the circulation of personal data without security conditions, risking be seen and used by unauthorized third parties. The customer authorizes the treatment of personal data provided by Hupa Shoes, including the use of cookies.

These general conditions of sale constitute the entire agreement between the parties concerned.

If a clause of the clauses becomes null and void, in a validity of the legal conditions, normative case, this should not be presented at some point to your and respect.

Some images used on this site are under a "123RF LIMITED ROYALTY FREE LICENSE AGREEMENT" Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos.

Conditions of Sale are governed by Portuguese law.

Failing resolution by agreement of the parties, any dispute arising from the Terms of Sale may be submitted to the competent Portuguese court in Felgueiras, renounced any other.